Specialized Lending

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Freed from the fund models and the latest marketing trends of the industry, we can advise in full transparency on opportunistic strategies and unveil attractive opportunities.

Private Debt - Specialized Lending

We have developed a significant track record in real estate senior debt investments, backed by prime real estate assets and projects.

This market takes advantage of a significant funding gap across the capital structure as traditional lenders are absent from certain segments of financings such as bridge loans and development loans.

This strategy offers very attractive risk-adjusted investment returns, with liquidity ranging from 9 to 24 months. The risk profile remains conservative as the loans are backed by first rank securities on the underlying assets.

Highly selective sourcing is made across the UK, US and Europe through direct approach and a strong broker network.

Representative Case

Alternative solutions

In a world of low interest rate, and increased uncertainties, the search for alternative capital solutions to generate higher return without compromising the risk allocation is becoming a crucial component of any long-term investment portfolio.

We have developed an extensive network of expertise in a large range of alternative assets such as hedge funds, direct lending funds, structured debt, regulatory capital, collateralized loan obligation tranches, and specific listed or unlisted corporate debt opportunities.

We constantly monitor these specific asset classes, screen for the best opportunities, and advise on investments and specific structuration as a way to diversify a portfolio and provide attractive risk adjusted returns.