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Freed from the fund models and the latest marketing trends of the industry, we can advise in full transparency on opportunistic strategies and unveil attractive opportunities.

Private Debt - Specialized Lending

We are experienced investors specializing in real estate backed investments, boasting a strong track record in senior debt investments. Our success is built on smart investment choices, supported by prime real estate assets and carefully planned projects.

In navigating this dynamic market, we use our expertise to address a significant funding gap across the capital structure. Traditional lenders often miss key financing areas like bridge loans and development loans, creating an opportunity for us to introduce innovative financial solutions.

Beyond real estate, we extend our services to the corporate sector, offering tailored solutions through strategic corporate loans. This expansion broadens our scope, providing diverse investment opportunities for our investors. By diversifying into corporate loans, we not only strengthen our portfolio but also offer a comprehensive range of investment options. This strategic move allows us to meet a wider array of financial needs and enables our investors to access varied liquidity opportunities.

Representative Case

Our approach

Our investment strategy focuses on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns, with a liquidity horizon ranging from 9 to 24 months. The conservative risk profile is upheld by securing our loans with first-rank securities, establishing a robust foundation in the underlying assets.

Operating across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe, our approach combines a direct engagement strategy and a strong broker network. Through careful sourcing, we ensure a thorough evaluation of every investment opportunity, contributing to the overall resilience and sustainability of our portfolio.

In essence, our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our real estate senior debt investment approach. Through strategic foresight, conservative risk management, and meticulous selection processes, we aim not only to bridge funding gaps but also to set a benchmark for risk-adjusted investment returns in this ever-evolving financial landscape.