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Loan Example

Date : May 2019

Location : Belgravia London

Amount : £ 17, 500, 000


The property is located in Belgravia, near to one of the most prestigious squares in London, Belgrave Square – a 10-minute walk to Hyde Park Corner.

Description of the asset

The property is a Grade II* listed end-of-terrace house and is one of the few dwellings located in the area that has not been converted into several apartments. The property has six levels split between a lower ground floor, a ground floor and four upper floors.

The property was previously used as “offices” however the change of use to a residential occupation had been granted.

Planning permission and Listed Building Consent were both granted in September 2016 for external and internal alterations including erection of rear extension at ground floor level and installation of a swimming pool at lower ground level. The development proposals included the creation of a master suite extending to the entire second floor while the first floor would be refurbished to form three joined reception rooms. In addition, there would be five to six bedrooms with their respective en-suite bathrooms and a specific staff area would be installed too.

The Borrower negotiated new leases expiring in March 2144 for the contemplated property at a very low ground rent.

The Borrower had been involved with a few properties in London:

Said property was bought by the Borrower in 2014 for £ 15,000,000 with leases of 70 years and a very low yearly rent, the Borrower negotiated extensions to March 2144 for £ 17,750,000. The lease was extended in Fall 2017.

In addition, development was planned by the Borrower for which necessary permits and consent were granted in September 2016.

Summary of Key Indicative Terms
Borrower Jersey Company
Guarantor Eastern European national
Location of property Belgravia – London
Type of Asset Family-House
Type of Loan Bridge Financing
Purpose of Loan Refinancing
Rank of Loan Senior First Mortgage
Pre-development GIA / Post-development GIA Approx. 15 000 sqft
Value ‘As is’ on day one of the loan £ 32,500,000 / £ 2,200 per sqft
Estimated GDV (Savills estimation) £ 50,000,000 / £ 3,300 per sqft
Net Loan £ 17,500,000
Maturity Term 12 months
First Drawdown May 2019
Start Net LTV 54%
End LTV 39%
Net IRR 10%

Purpose and Reasons of Financing Need

A bridge finance of 18 m £ was put in place in November 2017 for the refinancing of the acquisition of the short lease and the lease extension to 125 years.

The Borrower was looking for a 12-month (plus 2 x 3 months extensions) facility to allow them to finish the house and sell it or refinance it.

Furthermore, the refurbishment was be financed by the Borrower, amounting to £ 7,000,000. There was also a cash deposit on an escrow account to cover shortfall of between 7m£/12 and effective development expenses on a monthly basis

There was a commitment in the documentation for the Borrower to fund and carry out refurbishment during the period covered by the loan to enhance its value.

The drawdown took place for the entire Net Facility Amount in May 2019 (refinancing of existing loan). Interests were paid cash on a monthly basis.


The borrower finished the work in 9 months and found a buyer for the property. He subsequently paid back the loan around the scheduled maturity.