Our ecosystem

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Very much based on the family business values, we first and foremost invest in people and could not grow steadily without the trust of our business partners.


Whether to discuss a new business opportunity, exchange views on market strategy, we always strive to meet up new and former managers and entrepreneurs.

We are always available to discuss any project you may have, an acquisition, an exit or a takeover or just review strategic business issues: commercial development, governance, recruitments. Do not hesitate to reach out.

You always make us improve the way we conduct our own companies and are always a source of inspiration. We very much look forward to working with you.


You represent essential members of our ecosystem who take part in every key step of our business:

  • sourcing, expansion/build-up, exit
  • auditing, legal and social review
  • operational and technical expertise
  • recruiting, restructuring

Our advisors and experts network help us make more educated investment decisions and optimise the way we operate.

We strongly rely on our advisory partners to expand our business and remain up to date with best practices.

Family offices and institutions

We are looking to connect with like-minded investors to share market insights, investment opportunities or knowledge.

We can offer bespoke investment solutions to them in a very cost-efficient and opportunistic approach.

The strength and clarity of the relationships we create between Spice Capital and our partners are crucial elements that maximise the success of our investment strategies.

Trust is the basis of our business relationship.