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About us

Spice Capital LLP is a private multi-asset advisor, originally founded as the family office of a major European food-industry family.

We advise our clients through different investment strategies :

  • active portfolio management ( capital markets, mainly fixed income)
  • real assets : mainly direct private equity and real estate (France and UK)

Our track record demonstrates the successful conduct of several operations (new technologies, industry, power, healthcare, food-industry) and the professionalism of our investment process.

We develop a pragmatic and hands-on approach to investing on every asset class

Private equity

We invest in companies that have significant value creation prospects.

We believe in entrepreneurs and partner with ambitious teams of high-quality having the potential to bring their company to the next level.

We target minority or control positions in WE companies of an enterprise value up to 50 ME. We take equity tickets ranging from 500 kE up to 10 ME.

We have no industry specialization but are looking for the right combination of ambitious teams and ambitious business models/business cases.

We support projects in the following phases:

  • Launching of innovative business models
  • Transition in a family business
  • Managing growth or expanding internationally
  • Making acquisitions

Real Estate

We buy Real Estate assets through direct investment or property-level equity when we foresee a significant return.

We diversify our portfolio in residential and commercial properties in France and in the UK, starting to expand in Western Europe.

Due to our agility and simple investment decision process, we sometimes take minority control or invest a ticket in mezzanine loans or other special structures.

We usually prefer non-classical assets and have a large network of advisors/co-investors that we involve for development programs or significant investments.

Capital Markets

Our Capital Market allocation consist for a large part of direct investments on highly liquid corporate bonds. Our strategy is mainly buy and hold although we will trade positions as their risk level varies.

Our equity allocation is mainly opportunistic and based on the association of quant and fundamental analysis. We regularly enhance our equity strategy with high yielding option derivatives strategies.

On top of classic credit we have a direct allocation on structured credit such as CLOs and on more confidential products such as bridge loans on the UK real estate market.

We also use external funds for very specific niche strategies that will offer us a strong diversification from our core knowledge and expertise.

Why us

As investors we aim to generate significant investment return. We follow a patient and pragmatic approach and provide strategic, financial and operational support.

We believe in constructive collaboration with our portfolio management teams We support them, give them access to our large network of expertise, we challenge their strategies but usually do not interfere and are sensible to their autonomy.

We have access to large experiences and a network of numerous other private equity funds. When necessary, we are able to quickly find co investors and have demonstrated a huge agility and capacity to react.

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